A new group show, featuring work by: Johann Arens, Verity Birt, Rowena Harris, Ccathy Haynes, Patrick Hough, Mirko Smerdel.

The Chronovisor was a viewing machine whose eye could travel through time, displaying images and footage of different moments throughout history. It was allegedly created in the 1960s by the Venitian Roman Catholic priest Father Pellegrino Ernetti who worked alongside twelve supposedly world famous scientists. Ernetti described how, crowded around their invention, the group watched speeches by Mussolini and Napoleon, scenes from ancient Rome, even the last days of Christ. However, Father Ernetti slipped away from the public eye, when it was suggested that their photo of Christ on the cross was a reversed image of a postcard from the Santuario dell’Amore Misericordioso. He neither confirmed, nor denied the existence of the machine. Somewhere in the Vatican, could exist an archive of results and research material that might offer clues to the existence and/or mechanics of the Chronovisor.

Having previously attempted to construct an interpretation of the Chronovisior in collaboration with nine artists, South Kiosk intend to return to the thematic of the Chronovisor as a means to explore notions of time and artifice through the suggestion of an archive made up of problematic evidence, obfuscating historical context.

Chronovisor: Archive
May 15th – June 20th
PV: May 14th

South Kiosk
Flatiron Yard

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